Opening Hours

Daily: 9AM - 10PM

* Book in advance and get 10% discount from 1st -30th June ( Not apply for free pick up/drop-off Promotion/Package/ Beauty Service)
* Free pick up/ Sending in Hoi An/ Da Nang (Available 2people 90mins body massage or more)

1. Foot massage


A foot massage will manipulate muscles and other soft tissues to improve circulation, relieve pain, and heal injuries in the area or to induce overall relaxation.

2. 4 hands Vietnamese massage



Four hands, 2 therapists delivering the ultimate therapy for effective tension release and deep relaxation. With four hands on your body, you lose your point of reference, disconnect from reality and regain mental and spiritual bliss. Four hands massage also promotes healing, just as other forms of massage do, by increasing blood flow and circulation throughout the body, so you feel more vibrant and energized.

3. Aroma massage



Aroma therapy massage is Swedish massage therapy using massage oil that contains essential oils (highly concentrated plant oils such as coconut oil, peppermint, lemongrass…). Aroma massage boost swell being, relieve stress and help to refresh your body.

4. Hotstone massage



Hot Stone Massage is a highly relaxing oil treatment using natural stone warmed to about 50 to 60 degrees. By massaging with a hot stone, you can relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and increasing metabolism.

5. Traditional Thai Massage – with oil or no oil



Thailand massage course is usually done with pressing, pushing, stretching, pulling, bending, rolling with hands, knees, feet, elbows, etc. 

6. Nachi Signature massage

(Combination: Aroma+ Thai massage+ hotstone)



7. Pregnant massage – with Oil or Hotstone



8. Kid massage

(Apply for kid under 10 years old)




         1. Package -2 hours — 35$

Foot massage 30min

Head, neck and shoulder 30min

Aroma massage 60min

        2 .Package – 2 hours–37$

Body massage: 80min

Facial massage: 40 min

        3. Package – 2.5 hours -45$

Body Scrub 45min

Aroma 60min

Facial massage 45min

      4. Package – 3hours – 54$

Foot paraffin 30min

Body Scrub + Wrap 60min

Nachi Signature 90min

       5. Package – 3hours – 42$

Aroma/ hotstone 90min

Facial massage 60min

Foot paraffin 30min

      6. Package – 3 hours – 47$

Nachi Signature 90min

Facial massage 60min

Basic nail color Manicure Or Pedicure


10. Shampoo and Massage from 7$–19$

 7$ — 25min: Shampoo, hair condition, head massage and blow dry

 13$ — 45min  Shampoo, hair condition,clean face, head,neck, shoulder massage and blow dry.

19$ — 75min  Shampoo, hair condition, facial massage, head,neck, shoulder and blow dry.

11. Facial Treatment- 60min–17$

12. Body Scrub 40 min- 19$

13. Body Wrap 60min- 21$

14. Foot exfoliation   30min–11$

To stimulate nerve function, increase energy boosts circulation, eliminate toxins and induce a deep state of relaxation. 

15. Nail

a/ For Women

• Basic nail (manicure or pedicure): 8$

• Gel Nail–16$

• Design Nail–20$~ 28$

 b/ For Men 

(Care + Nutrition)

• Basic nail (manicure or pedicure): 8$

c/ For Kid

•Color : 9$

•Design: 11-13$

16. Waxing

• Half legs–15$

• Full legs–25$

• Halfarms–10$

• Chin–7$

• Full arms–17$

• Under arms–7$

• Back–21$

• Bikini–19$

 • Lip–7$